Our Fees

we tailor our appointment to Your needs

When you’re first considering making Your project a reality, we are sure that you want to know how much the whole process is likely to cost you. You are not alone its one of the most frequently asked questions.  

The building process is a complex one, which requires input from a variety of professionals, statutory bodies, suppliers and builders. Our fee is a small percentage of the overall outlay of your building project, but we understand that there is an element of risk when you first embark on the building journey.  We provide a professional service and aim to to provide you peace of mind. We will keep you up to date with how the process is progressing from initial ideas, through planning to completing on site. 

we understand that you may not want or need assistance all the way through the process. Our fees are split into a schedule of services which you can pick from depending on your needs. However we are equally happy to assist you with all stages of the design progress, from initial concepts through to completing the job on site.

After an free initial consultation where we will discuss your brief and service requirements, we will provide you with a no obligation letter of appointment. This sets out our fees for all RIBA work stages (generally) with an agreed fixed price for each. You can decide which stages you would like to appoint us to complete with no obligation to use all our services. 

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